New York Galleries: Baseball Bats, IPod Mice Videos, Swimming Sperm
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By Michael Killeen
Jan. 6, 2006(Bloomberg)

IPod Art

Twenty white iPods, their earplugs dangling, hang on the white walls of the Fine Art in Space gallery in Long Island City. Color intrudes when you activate the videos and get wired to the art.

One iPod plays Adam Stennett's ``Everything tastes better when you are blind,'' which shows a couple in a restaurant sitting, laughing and flirting through a meal while they and their food are overrun with mice and the occasional moth. Stennett also gives us ``Prospect Park Fight F***,'' where a man's voiceover describes a street beating in Brooklyn while we view white rats running and fighting in a park-like stage the artist built.

Erased Words

On another iPod you can watch Lee Walton's ``Making Changes: Reykjavik, Iceland,'' an amusing ramble by a man who makes a minor mark on the city by moving a bench and opening a window, among other adjustments.

The aptly titled ``Erasing Pain and Suffering'' by Jason Clay Lewis shows a hand slowly erasing those written words from a page. Even more curious is Jeff Wyckoff's ``Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man'' -- a video of a microscopic look at Wyckoff's swimming sperm.

Prices for an engraved iPod showing the work of one artist range from $500 to $3,300.

``PodART'' is on view through Jan. 17 at Fine Art in Space, 10-47 48th Ave. in Long Island City. For more information, call (1)(718) 392-7766 or see


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